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Watch | In Conversation with Joyce Treasure

Joyce Treasure is a Birmingham based multidisciplinary artist who employs notions of 'the carnivalesque', feminism and decolonial thought to subvert and liberate concepts associated with dominance, colonialism and power. Breakaway State is a performance art video made by Joyce in response to the global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement.

It explores an evolving cultural landscape where points of conflict and disagreement create a “trap-door”, a means of escape and rescue that inspire new ways of thinking, new planetary spaces and seriously contemplates our connectivity with the rest of the world.

Breakaway State will be preceded by a short in conversation with Joyce hosted by Sandra Griffiths from The Red Earth Collective about Breakaway State and how race, identity, colonialism, music and mental wellbeing all inform and inspire her work.

The Red Earth Collective work with artists and people with lived experience of mental health to create new work that challenges mental health stigma and discrimination in racialised and marginalised communities

“Blue Sky And Yellow Sunflower ” written and performed by Susumu Yokota appears courtesy of Lo Recordings. Published by Hub 100 Publishing


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