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The Red Earth Collective feature in Museum X Takeover of Museums Journal

The Museum X takeover edition of Museums Journal features an article on Windrush Culture, our collaboration with Birmingham Museums Trust.

Museum X are developing a plan to create a Black British Museum and were invited to guest-edit the edition, commissioning features and writing from black artists, curators, museum professional and arts organisations from all over the world.

Museum X director Sandra Shakespeare was keen for us to feature us in the magazine

“I have seen the great work that the Red Earth Collective have been doing for nearly twenty years, when I attended the early StereoHype events in East London and have been following them ever since. It is great to see them making connections with mainstream organisations like Birmingham Museums as the work Red Earth do with black creatives and the issues that they focus on particularly around mental health and identity, need to be seen by wide audiences.”

Our article appears on page 63 and you can read your copy of The Museum X Takeover Museum Journal here.


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