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The ‘strong black man’ stereotype challenged in sold-out show

Revealed, an acclaimed hard-hitting play, exploring three generations of black male anger, played two sold-out performances at MAC Birmingham on Friday.

Writer and actor Daniel Anderson, far left, with Rico Johnson-Sinclair, Ian Sergeant, Terry Rigby and Beresford Dawkins - on the post-performance panel

Revealed tells the story of restaurant owner Malcolm Lovett, his son Luther and his father Sidney. They are locked inside their restaurant while violent protests a recent death in police custody take place outside. Whilst violence erupts around them, we witness an edgy and abstract unravelling of emotions, that provides the audience with a unique and profound insight into three generations of anger.

Following each performance, the cast and leading Black mental health experts took part discussion and an audience Q & A that further explores the mental well-being of Black Men.

Revealed was written by Rites of Passage Productions co-founder Daniel Anderson and directed by Jay Crutchley. It is the first production from the new Menologues platform, founded by The Red Earth Collective, to highlight diverse stories of the mental well being of racialised and marginalised men through the arts.

Revealed plans to tour in theatres and community settings across the country to create a social movement where black men are encouraged to talk more openly when in emotional distress

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